*ACTIONETTE* Salamander

Who: Trisees, Rufus, Tara, Assorted Randomites
Where: Cargo Bay and Medibay (NO FLAMING HYPHEN, YOU GOT ME?!)
"Come down where?" asked Tara, worried at her son's paled face and
hoping it wasn't anything that led to fatalities.
"Cargo bay, and quick," stated Rufus worriedly. "It's weird, it's very
weird." He turned from the intercom as his mother acknowledged that
she'd be there as quick as possible and looked at Lawrence Trisees and
Jennifer Wildflower.
The two of them had returned to the blue midget with Rufus to retrieve
the various supplies they'd taken under the impression they'd need to
use them on the planet. However, when they'd reached the Blue Midget
something strange had started to occur to both of them.
Wildflowers hair had started to lengthen and gone from her usual
brilliant brown sheen to an old, white and grey colour. It had
shortened whilst her skin had begun to wrinkle. Bags formed under her
eyes and she began to breathe deeper as if having ran a mile in a
minute. She hunched over and began to wither, getting frailer in
front of Rufus' eyes, and she looked scared.
"What is happening to me?" she asked, before falling over in a heap.
She looked like she was 70 years old.
Something had also happened to Trisees. His voice had started to
lighten in tone and his hair had begun to grow, losing the blonde hair
dye and returning to its natural chestnut brown. He screamed loudly
and dropped to the floor, clawing at his right arm and his legs. He
convulsed wildly, bucking back and forth and threw his left arm up to
his head, grimacing and growling.
Rufus took a step back as there were three sickening rip noises and
Trisees sprouted another right arm and both legs, pushing to the side
of his three robotic replacements.
Trisees' wild movements ceased and he lay still on the floor of the
cargo bay, and that was when Rufus had decided to call the medibay.
Tara entered the cargo bay with Keto and a whole trolley of medical
"What's the issues?" asked Keto hurriedly.
"That," said Rufus pointing to the 7 limbed Trisees and the aged
"Oh this crew just keeps getting better and better," he muttered.
There was a loud blasting noise, causing everyone to jump and turn
around to see an unknown ship cruising down the landing bay. They
shielded themselves from the hot air pumping from the side engines as
a large venemous ship touched down next to the blue midgets, crushing
one under a landing foot. The engines powered down and a decension
ramp extended from the side.
Keto looked from under a hand at the alien vessel.
"Is that what I think it is?" he asked, as pale as Rufus had been, and
watching as several more similar looking ships appeared at the far end
of the landing strip.
"What do you think it is?" asked Rufus, looking at the ship perplexed.
"Hymenoptera," he replied.
<There you go everyone, The Hymenoptera have just surprise attacked us
all. We're in for a treat!>

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