Re: *ACTIONETTE* Salamander

<SNIP> There was a loud blasting noise, causing everyone to jump and
turn around to see an unknown ship cruising down the landing bay.
They shielded themselves from the hot air pumping from the side
engines as a large venemous ship touched down next to the blue
midgets, crushing one under a landing foot. The engines powered down
and a decension ramp extended from the side.
Keto looked from under a hand at the alien vessel. "Is that what I
think it is?" he asked, as pale as Rufus had been, and watching as
several more similar looking ships appeared at the far end of the
landing strip.
"What do you think it is?" asked Rufus, looking at the ship perplexed.
"Hymenoptera," he replied.
<End snip>
Who: Eric Lustbader
Where: Armoury
"Guess." Holly appeared on his monitor in the armoury.
"Guess what?" Eric replied.
"Just guess."
"Tell me, Holly."
"Okaaayy," Eric said sarcastically, "The Hymenopterran fleet has come
upon our rear in a surprise attack."
"You cheated." Holly said, upset.
"What? I was being sarcastic!"
"Hah! Then I win again!" Holly said, excited.
"Give me the details, Holly!" Eric asked impatiently.
"I'm up 5 to 2."
"I mean the Hymenopterran attack!"
"Well, they aren't on any of the radars, but some can be seen from the
flight deck."
"Smeg." said Eric. "How come Alota hasn't done anything?"
"She's not back yet."
"Who is in the drive room?"
"The drive room is currently empty."
"Where's Jack and Chris?"
"Jack FeBuggre and Chris Harris are not on board."
"Where's Phil?"
"He's currently leading a strike force to the flight deck to repel
"What about Keats & Goode?"
"They are both on Blue Dwarf at the moment."
"Well, I'm going to the drive room to co-ordinate the ship defense.
Tell all pilots and other department heads to meet me in the drive
room in 5 minutes. That's all pilots. Especially Keats and Goode."
<to be continued>

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