Re: *ACTIONETTE* Salamander

"Well, I'm going to the drive room to co-ordinate the ship defense.
Tell all pilots and other department heads to meet me in the drive
room in 5 minutes. That's all pilots. Especially Keats and Goode."
<End Snip>
Who: Eric Lustbader
Where: Drive Room
"Smeg." Alota's face was visible on one of Holly's monitors. "I want
you to use the 'Dwarfs new ship weapons while the fighters form a
protective shield to make the Hymenoptera think twice about boarding."
While Eric was communicating to Alota, the pilots and other department
heads entered the drive room.
"Keats." Alota called out. "I want you to lead the fighters in space,
while Goode will steer the 'Dwarf and Lustbader will fire the ship's
weapons. I hope all your training pays off gentlemen and women, as I
don't think the Space Corps will be able to spare any other ships, as
we are having some trouble here too. McJohn, I trust you and Lustbader
will work together very closely to make sure the weapons function as
hoped, as this is their first combat use. Keats and Lustbader - I
trust your judgement in this situation, and I have my absolute faith
in your abilities. We are currently busy trying to knock out a weapon,
and will soon be very close to it, and we will not be able to
communicate, unless it should give us away. We will be able to help
out soon, so just hold on until we can come.
"Alota out."
<tag Keats>

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