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“Dean, turn the ship around, head back to the Blue dwarf take the ship out of this section of the quadrant, run security checks and make the hell sure any foreign bodies are disposed of carefully”, she sighed. “Information received from Jay Chrysler former lieutenant commander of the JMC Blue Dwarf is that he will shoot the Blue dwarf from the sky if we go after him, the best thing to do is to take it out of his line of fire and drive something into that weapon”.
Dean looked round at his assorted motley crew in the Raven. "Well, that's put a bit of a cramper on my day." he admitted, after several moments of silence.
Katz looked somewhat confused, "What are we actually doing?"
Dean sighed, and set to explaining what they were doing: "We're..... umm.. something about foreigners I think? I think we're expelling anyone who's French from the Blue Dwarf."
"In a careful way." added Efof. "She said dispose of them 'carefully' "
"Aha! Good thinking!"
Mk7 bashed his head off the wall. Again. "No. We're going back to the Blue Dwarf, having failed to blow anything up, and then we're moving the mothership out of this area, running standard security checks and looking for any foreign matter."
The rest of the crew just stared at him.
"Yeah." said Dean, eventually. "What he said. Strap in."
Dean kicked the Raven out of hover, and swung it around away from the defence emplacement. As the craft accelerated away from turret Mk7 looked at the image of it sadly on his scannerscope...
"Now that would have been fun." he sighed.
"Too true." said Dean, as a rather urgent beeping filled the cockpit.
"What's that?" asked Katz.
"Bad news." said Dean and Mk7 simultaneously. Dean flicked the comm switch for Alota again. "Alota?"
"Yes?" said Alota in a weary manner, annoyed at being distracted from her planning.
"You see that plan you had for the destruction of the turret?"
"Is there any chance you've got a remarkably shortened version that could take place in the next..." Dean took a breath, "...3 minutes?"
"Not really."
The beeping changed up a notch, from being "rather urgent" it skipped straight over "requires your attention", "really, pay attention" and "oi! smeghead!" straight to "you're doomed unless you do something RIGHT NOW".
"Hear that?" said Dean.
Alota, at the other end of the comm, couldn't mistake the noise of a missile lock, albeit distorted by the distance between the craft.
"Suggestions on a postcard." Dean asked, before throwing the Raven into an evasive turn... and he floored it back towards the turret.
Dean "Oh Bugger." Thomas

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