RE: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] The Great Escape II

"I guess the show's on isn't it Chrysler?" he said with an evil smile. "Dont
go easy on me Jay" he added, spitting and the feet of his former friend and
superior's feet. "You might regret it" he finished, raising his GunBlade to
Jay's chest.
"Face me Chrysler" he said angrily.
<End Snip>
"What the hell are you doing on my bridge?" Jay's voice was filled with
malice. Chris had never thought was capable of it.
"I've come to finish it Chrysler, your reign of terror is at an end!" he
paused..and glanced aside to a random hymenoptera "Was that as corny as it
The Hymenoptera nodded.
"You want me to take him on boss?" Amber asked, cracking her knuckles.
"No..." Jay replied, "I need you ready to defend the fleet,
besides...watching this worm pleading for his life will be a LOT of fun..."
Jay slowly drew his sword, holding it in his right hand, he beckoned Chris
over with the other.
Chris raised his gunblade, over his head and lunged toward Jay, Jay's right
arm moved like lightning and deflected Chris' attack as though he were
brushing aside a ping-pong ball.
Chris stumbled past, Jay, who turned with Chris, his sword still holding
Chris' blade to mercy, Jay deftly flipped the sword edgeways, and used it to
trip Chris, who tumbled down the small starcase to the lower level of the
"You still wanna play boy?" Jay asked, spinning his sword handle in the palm
of his hand to one side, making it look like a giant rotor blade.
Chris, pushed himself from the ground and grabbed his gunblade from where it
lay on the floor, and in one movement, picked it up and charged at Jay
again. Jay defended again, not so easily this time however, and had to take
a step back, but still managed to Chris back, and onto the floor again,
making him drop his gunblade a second time...
"I thought you'd be more entertaining than this Harris, I really did...ah
well.." he shrugged "I've got work to do anyway."
He raised the sword up over his head.
"Lights out..." He brought the blade down sharply...
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