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Character Name: Dimitri Vladivar
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Nationality: Russian
Department: security
Job Title: Bar supervision/Pilot
Player/NPC? active
Physical Appearance
Dimitri is not a tall man at 5'9", covered in a very clean uniform
(spilt spirits can have their advantages) that are almost out shined
by the bright reflection from his jack boots, again an alcohol
related ability where dribbling can have its pay offs. At least they
would have if his clothing, boots, mussed up just got up scraggy
black hair and every pore on his body were not 120% proof. That
being a good day. His one redeeming features are his piercing blue
eyes and a strange affection for his large black handle bar
mustache, he obviously cares more for that than anything else about
his person. Except maybe vodka.....maybe.
Personality and Interests
Dimitri's interests are very few and simple and rank in the
following order. Drinking, fighting, drinking, fighting and women.
Although his vodka goggles are quite legendary amongst those who
have met him for his ability to think that he has some sort of
possible chance with the most attractive of women. This usually
results in some violence and his settling for something a little
less than average. And thats a good night. Dimitris personality
depends upon what time of day it is generally. In the morning an
angry female tiger weighing in at 28 stones of killing machine would
be well advised to keep well away from him, after all this time is
for sleeping off the hangover, the one he's had and proud to have
kept going for almost 15 years since that chemistry lesson he learnt
to distill in. The happiest day of his life. On the rare occasion
Dimitri is going to be personable is that quagmire when he has
eaten, played with his vodka still is is nicely pissed, it is at
this time, usually until 8p.m. that he will a pleasant and
personable man to be around, twirling his mustache proudly and
laughing as only a Russian can, but then that all changes when he
decides its time to knock off early and drink to mother this point people generally just agree with him as
there is usually no blood in his alcohol stream and so when he
decides to fight he does so without feeling any pain whatsoever,
until he wakes up in the afternoon.
Dimitri is not a stupid man, nor is he terribly unfit, well not
until he left the space core where he served as a combat pilot.
Dimitri served with distinction in several arenas of combat
including the great McDonalds Pizza Hut wars of mars having clocked
up more flight time and combat kills than any other pilot. The only
problem is that half the time the vodka kept him from seeing quite
what he was doing until he fell asleep with the autopilot on taking
him round in circles. He used to be called the buzzard by his wing
mates, mainly for his habit of circling around a fight and suddenly
falling upon the hapless enemy. Dimitri was not being brave doing
this either. He just kept falling onto the stick and diving down
with all guns blazing, and anything else he had managed to land on
the right button for. This did once involve his flying through a
McDonalds fly through and depositing a small nuclear missile at the
pay toll while somehow managing to order himself some large fries
and an empty cup, superiors suspected he had lot his cup. But his
performance outweighed the fact that his survival package consisted
of a vodka still and one steel cup, as opposed to med kits and spare
parts etc. This was until he managed to perform the diving attack of
unconsciousness upon what he thought was the enemy. It turned out to
be the commanders wife, you could tell by the way the truck leant to
one side at 35 degrees angle. Following the incident Dimitri was
gladly greeted by a gloriously happy commander who handed him a
bottle of the finest napoleon brandy saluted him and then had him
him court marshaled under a space core directive he never could
quite remember. He seems to remember something about the commander
going AWOL after ordering the women on the base to an undisclosed
location. Finding himself a slightly drunk war hero Dimitri then
decided to go in search of work and found himself in several
different jobs loosing a succession of them to charges of piloting a
gunboat while drunk. He knew the traffic cops on first name basis
and was always the star of the show when asked to space walk along
the white line at the side of the asteroid. Eventually Dimitri was
flicking through the offenses book and noticed a speeding ticket
issued to the blue dwarf, one hell of an achievement for something
that big he thought and so signed up to go and join the crew, where
better to perfect his vodka, where better to do as little as
drunkenly possible, and maybe do some flying while he was at it.
Besides, even his vodka couldn't blow a large green flame filled
hole in the side of something that big could it? It would survive
anyway he thought. Dimitri is actually a very good pilot, VERY good
having once been offered the chance to be a space core flight
instructor. He had also been offered the positions of traffic
control pilot and space parking warden. These he had turned down out
of base principle and a belief that these persons were no longer
part of humanity and actually alien invaders from an alternate
dimension called 'an-nal'. This belief at least explained the
numerous weapon test fires he conducted upon sight. And so Dimitri,
and an unidentified crate of something labeled "No fire near box,
big boom" was shunted into a starbug and taken out to the blue dwarf
with orders to report to the captain for duty upon arrival and
secure his lodgings with his new boss. He just hoped he didn't burp
again and knock anyone out with breath that meant he was actually a
flammable object, that or his vodka was nearing perfection he
Favourite Sayings
*Proffering a suspicious cup* "Drink, forget problem" *Proffering a
suspicious cup* "Drink" *Proffering a suspicious cup* "Drink, feel
better" *Proffering a suspicious cup* "Drink, smile more", a moment
later "Or fall" *While giving EVA orientation on his modified space
suit* "This is Russian space suit, no bells, only whistles" Pausing
to remember the rest "You hear whistle, come back inside, you have

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