It's my party and I'll...

Who: Queen Britney, Johnny, Eric, Guinevere, Dean, Mk 7, CJ Boddington.
Dean escorted Queen Britney to Parrott's, where her Ambassador,
Seymour, was currently located, according to Holly.
The others decided to follow, as the Queen is someone you don't meet
everyday (plus there is little else for the pilots to do except to
goto Parrott's anyway).
On the way, they bumped into someone they hadn't met before.
"Dimitri Vladivar," the man introduced himself as, in a distinctive
Russian drunken slur, "and who are you?"
"I'm the Queen!" Britney yelled at the drunk. "Gimme your drink, now!"
"No. It's mine."
"Exuse me, your Royal pai.. er Royal Highness," Dean squirmed with
uneasiness as he addressed the Queen, "but we are very close to the
bar where Seymour is. Apparently, there is a large party there, with
the Eniram and Aerons. Seymour actually managed to get them to stop
fighting and to ally themselves with us against the Hymenoptera."
"Really?" Queen Britney asked. "There's a party?"
They were approaching the entrance to Parrott's when an uneasy looking
Seymour quickly left.
"Leaving so soon, Seymour? I heard there's a party going on and you're
the guest of honour! We don't want to disappoint them, do we?"
Seymour gulped and tried to walk around Queen Britney, but she grabbed
his ear and led him back in, as the others tried not to laugh.

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