Under the Spell

Who: Amber, Jay
Where: The Thorax
When: Snip Plz
---- Snip ----
"So what do we do?"
"We'll need a space corps captain...they hold the codes to
deactivate the
field to allow their own ships to pass in and out..."
Jay turned to one of his Hymenoptera leiutenants. "Bring me....Alota
---- End Snip ----
"Do you really expect her to give us the codes Sir?" Amber asked,
her voice full of hate for the captain of the Blue Dwarf.
"She will give me the codes. Or face the consequences." Jay said
dismissing Amber to prepare the fighters.
Amber marched down the corridor, her cobwebbed cloak flowing behind
her. She felt a surge of power as she walked into the hanger where
the ships were kept. Each ship partly sentiant and controled by a
Hymenopterra. Each Hymenopterra under her controll, the fast armies
of fighters all ready for her comand to launch. Amber climbed into a
fighter ship and sat down at the controls, the interface dropped
down in front of her and she plugged herself in. The way the
Hymenopterra fighters workd was a strange combination between
thought and action and smell. Several sacks of hormones lined the
interface as well as controls and levers designed for insect hands.
Amber's eyes flashed the blackness in them and consuming her body
fueling her hatered and anger. She reached into her pocket and
snorted a line of the addictive Bliss. She sent the mental command
to launch out, and felt a wave of bloodlust come back to her.
An angry swarm of ships poured out of the Hymenopterra mothership
and the surrounding battle cruisers and buzzed around the
surrounding space. Waiting. Waiting to be attacked.

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