Niples - "Courtroom drama"

Who: Seymour Niples
Where: Blue Dwarf
When: After he had pulled some strings to get Jenny into some better
Seymour grinned to himself as he walked down the corridor. He had a
spring in his step. He thought of course about Jenny, and imagined
how happy she would be when she found out that it was him that got
her some good new quarters. In his opinion, of course she would be
thankful, of course she would be grateful. He half expected her to
come running after his right now to hug him and thank him, and tell
him how great he was.
And of course, in Seymour's mind, it was true.
He caught the express lift down the floor thirteen and found the
courtroom where Amber's trial was taking place. He entered and sat
quietly at the back, looking smugly at Amber, who was stood in the
defendant's box wearing a rather unstylish purple prison suit. He
chuckled to himself just loud enough for Amber to hear and realised
she was being mocked.
She looked at him and glared. It must be embarrassing in her
position, he suspected. But he also believed she deserved it. He had
suspected an evil streak in her for a long time, and had come very
close to seeing it when she had sabotaged the Blue Dwarf in a time-
rift whilst it was still under construction. This evil Amber scared
him, and Seymour wasn't a man to forgive too quickly or easily.
But then how do you forgive someone who part-orchestrated the
destruction of Earth, a murderer of so many people. A robber of so
many homes. Of course Jay Chrysler was guilty of the same
accusations, and Seymour did believe that he was let off far too
easily, and still did bear a grudge. But at least he could
understand that Jay was out of his mind, not in control of his
actions. But Amber had been this way for some time. It seemed to him
as if the evil in her was a part of her.
There was an outburst of shouting in the courtroom as Amber was
accused of warcrimes, people yelled it wasn't enough. Seymour jeered
at her also, and yelled
"She should be made an example of! People like her are a threat to
the harmony of society!!"
The judge banged his gavel. "Order order!" he said on que. In fact,
it's a phrase said so often that most judges now just have it on
tape and press play on demand.
The crowd calmed down and the judge continued.
"As I was saying… by the authority invested in me from the Jupiter
Mining Corporation…"
Amber scoffed. Catching people's attention.
"That's such a joke!" She said.
"Order order!" the judge pressed play on his tape recorder.
"No. This entire trial is a joke!" Said Amber, she stepped down from
her box and stood in front of the crowd.
"I mean… look… there's no Earth any more. There's no JMC, and
there's no law! Who the hell decides this trial?"
"I do!" Said the judge.
"You? You? You're not even a real judge! I see you sweeping floors
on E-deck every Tuesday!"
The judge looked at his feet in shame.
"I bet there's not any proper judges left alive!"
Amber showed her handcuffs to the guards. "Look, nobody really cares
if you let me go, so how about it huh?"
The guards looked humourless.
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