Intruder Alert!

Who: Mk.7, Efof, Chris, Benjen and Jack
When: Stuffed if I know. Soon after the last post I guess
Where: Scrapyard
Efof, Mk.7 and Benjen continued on their way, figuring if they
continued to go in one direction, they were bound to reach the exit
Efof spent a good 50% of the time whinging about his ankle, and
Benjen and Mk.7 courteously shared the other 50% of the time telling
Efof to shut up and be glad they don't just leave him there.
"So tell me Mk.7, is this really your average run-of-the-mill
mission?" asked Benjen, still adjusting to the lifestyle he seemed
to have thrown himself into.
"More or less. We do have some declines in the action every now and
again, but..." said Mk.7, cut off mid-sentence by the collapse of a
nearby wall of garbage.
Thinking it was the monster, Mk.7 ejected one of his bazookoids,
which Benjen expertly caught, however resulting in Efof collapsing
on the ground.
Mk.7 and Benjen aimed straight at the corner from which the sound
came, before lowering their weapons to see Chris stagger out from
around the corner.
"It took my smegging sense of touch man! I can't feel a thing!" he
said, his mouth flapping about as if he had been filled with 10
times the amount of anaesthetic an overzealous dentist would use.
The rest of his body did a similar thing, causing him to often
"Where is it?"
"Wight behwind me I tink" he said, his central nervous system
becoming completely useless.
The four of them tripped, stumbled, staggered and rolled as fast as
they could, hearing the occasional roar of the beast behind them.
They finally made it to the Starbug, where they saw Jack smacking
the side of his head in the hopes of restoring his hearing.
They ushered him into the Starbug and they raced off back towards
the Blue Dwarf, completely unaware of the rather bulky being
clinging to the landing gear.

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