Re: Niples - \"Courtroom drama\"

The crowd calmed down and the judge continued. "As I was saying… by
the authority invested in me from the Jupiter Mining Corporation…"
Amber scoffed. Catching people's attention.
"That's such a joke!" She said.
"Order order!" the judge pressed play on his tape recorder.
"No. This entire trial is a joke!" Said Amber, she stepped down from
her box and stood in front of the crowd. "I mean… look… there's no
Earth any more. There's no JMC, and there's no law! Who the hell
decides this trial?"
"I do!" Said the judge.
"You? You? You're not even a real judge! I see you sweeping floors on
E-deck every Tuesday!"
The judge looked at his feet in shame.
"I bet there's not any proper judges left alive!"
Amber showed her handcuffs to the guards. "Look, nobody really cares
if you let me go, so how about it huh?"
The guards looked humourless.
<end snip>
A guy stood up in the crowd, everyone was able to see huis flaming red
hair. "I haven't been on the Blue Dwarf for vey long, but the JMC made
me their representative aboard this ship." His strong Irish accent
could be heard. "I've checked the documents and here, I am the JMC.
So, I'd like to see this trial proceed, as there's precious little
else to do."
Becca sneered. "You need more authority than that, little man."
"Gimme a couple o' pints and I'd enjoy a brawl." Shane O'Riley
sneered. Then, his face returned to it's normal cheeriness and he
added, "Judge, you may continue with the trial."
"You can have your trial, but you can't pass any sentence." Becca
replied too calmly.
"It's funny how you said there's no law - that means we can't be
arrested for wrongful imposonment, and I don't think many people would
care if you are guilty, so how about you don't try and prove it
yourself, and let this court work it out for themselves." With that,
Shane sat down.

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