"The whole point of this post was for the bad joke in the last para

They finally made it to the Starbug, where they saw Jack smacking
the side of his head in the hopes of restoring his hearing.
They ushered him into the Starbug and they raced off back towards
the Blue Dwarf, completely unaware of the rather bulky being
clinging to the landing gear.
<end snip>
Who: Mk.7, Efof, Chris, Benjen and Jack
Where: Starbug
When: After the escape
"Efof no you can't drive!!!" Jack shouted at him.
"Because you're blind remember!"
"Oh yeah."
Efof stumbled up from the seat and managed to find his way to the back
of the cockpit by holding onto things. He felt a something soft in
front of him.
"What's this, it feels soft and warm and round and wet…"
"Efof get off. You're poking Chris in the eyeballs."
"It was weird, I didn't feel a thing!" said Chris.
"I'll drive." Said MK7 happily, jumping up to the dashboard and
plugging the navigation computer into a spare port in his head.
"Efof and Chris, sit down so you don't get into more trouble or hurt."
Said Jack, sitting them both down on chairs in the back.
Efof sat, his eyeballs moving wildly although he couldn't currently
use them, and Chris sat still.
Jack put something in Efof's hands. "Here, squeeze this stressball for
something to do, you can't get into trouble doing that can you?"
"Probably, but I'll try not to."
He turned to Chris.
"Chris, that'd be no good for you because you wouldn't be able to feel
it so… just look at that poster of Elisha Cuthbert over there. And
stop drooling!"
"Stop what?"
"Close your mouth, you're drooling everywhere."
"Was I?"
"Yes. And don't bite your tongue or your lips, or you'll regret it
when you can feel things again."
The Starbug made it back to the blue Dwarf, and landed safely in the
flight deck. The so-called savage Hyperdodan megabeast of Qualm
detached himself from the underneath and scuttled away to hide behind
some boxes.
Dean came to meet them and give the Shuttle a once-over. "Successful
mission guys?"
"I'm blind, I'm blind!" said Efof stumbling out of the shuttle.
"Hello Dean I - " Chris fell out of the shuttle and hit the ground
with a nasty sounding snap. He got up happily though.
"Chris… have you just… broken your arm?" said Dean.
"Oh yeah…. Look at that, its all floppy." His arm swung loosely and he
moved it side to side.
"Doesn't it hurt?"
"Oh, no, I'll explain later."
Jack, Benjen and Mk7 got off last.
"Anything happened while we were gone?"
"Not really. Jay started up a reality TV show competition about new
hopeful pilots. He's called it the `X-wing Factor'"
< OOC- Tag to anyone, we have a beastie running around the ship making
people blind, deaf, or removing their sense of smell or touch! >

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