Being Deaf isn\'t fun. *from Jacks viewpoint*

The Starbug landed in the Blue Dwarfs landing bay, not having lost his
sense of touch, he knew this, and got up, virtually picking Chris up,
as his head had flopped down, so he was staring at the floor. He
managed to get him to the door, at which point he fell down to the
ground below them.
"ooh" Jack said to himself as he saw Chris' arm flopping about. Jack
walked down after him, and walked straight past everyone, not ignoring
them because he wanted to, but because he had no idea that they were
"Sorry, i can't hear a thing you're saying" he shouted as he passed
them, "I'm off, no point trying to work if i can't hear anything." he
added, as he left the landin bay, heading straight back to his &
Melissa's room.
Opening the door, he stepped in, and shouted "I'm back!" before
hanging his rifle up, and falling onto the sofa, he kicked his boots
off, and looked up to see Melissa standing over him, her mouth waving
frantically, but all he could do was shout "sorry, some strange
monster on a just as strange planet made me deaf." then offering a sad
face to her, and holding his arms out, to which he received the hug he
was after.
"If anyone sends me a message, you'll have to poke me!" he shouted,
and walked off into the bedroom, dropping his jacket and shirt on the
floor before throwing himself onto the king size bed that lay before
him. His mind went over ideas about his deafness, eventually, after
an uncertain amount of time, he shouted some more.
"Holly! can you access my nano-frequency?" he yelled, and... i suppose
'heard' would be the word to use, a strange buzzing in his ears,
before Holly's voice rang crystal clear through his mind.
"Yo dude, whats up?" he asked.
"I'm deaf, can you transfer everything thats said around me to this
frequency?" he shouted some more, and waited for Holly's reply, which
came shortly after.
"Sure thing dude, uhh, Melissa's talking to you..." he said.
"well? whats she saying?"
"I can hear what you're yelling, does this mean you can hear again?"
Holly said, trying to put on a feminine voice.
Jack shuddered at Holly's awful screaching attempt at a womans voice,
before replying to Melissa
"Yeah, kinda" he shouted, and got up, walking into the main room,
sitting on the sofa next to Melissa, who had a cup of coffee in her hand.
"I'm not sure what i'd have done if i could never hear you again..."
he said, putting his arm around her, and kissing her on the cheek.
Holly giggled girlishly into his ears, "mmmmmmm" he said, trying to
imitate the sound of Melissa kissing him.
Jack wrapped his arms around her, and whispered in her ear "i love
you." and kissed her again, but all Jack got back was holly saying in
a completely plain voice, obviously giving up on trying to imitate her
"I love you too" A few seconds passed, before holly spoke again "ok,
theres no way i can say that to you!"
"Damn you holly!" Jack yelled, and stood up. "Sorry baby, i'm gonna
go for a walk..." he said, grabbing his shirt and jacket from the
bedroom floor, and walking out into the desolate, and oddly silent
"Do you want me to try and imitate the ambient sounds of the ship
too?" Holly asked, sarcastically.
"No holly, i'm good thanks" jack replied, and walked slowly towards
the arboretum of the ship, where he met his first taste of death...
he took the top route, stepping onto a balcony around the overgrown
'paradise' for the strange creatures that some people might even call
dinosaurs, sat on a chair near the edge, and watched the life below him...

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