Jay woke up hugging his pillow.
It was the third time this week he'd had this dream. And of the only two
dreams he'd been able to have since the battle for Earth it was easily his
favourite. Alota, was lying next to him, breathing heavily in a deep sleep
and he'd simply watch her, as he had often done eventually embracing her and
falling asleep alongside her.
Of course that was where the dream ended, and Jay was faced with the reality
that Alota was no longer among us. That she had been killed, trying to save
her homeworld and her husband, from himself.
That was the other dream he had the other 4 nights of the week. He was back
aboard the Thorax, watching the bullet enter Alota's chest, and blast out of
her back....then watching the Earth burst into billions of rock fragments.
He looked at the clock. 0300. About right, three hours a night these days if
he was lucky.
He yawned and slid off the bed.
One thing was certain he thought to himself, as he stumbled into the kitchen
to make a strong coffee, the captains quarters sure were empty without the
A few hours later...six to be precise, Jay walked into the drive room.
He was met with a few hateful glares as he did so, but ignored them and
walked over to Phil, the only person on the ship he was sure hadn't turned
his back on him.
"Jaaayy" Phil said in a tired voice "I've told you every day, I've relieved
you from duty until you've had a chance to recover!"
"I know Phil! But I'm BORED I need to do something, ANYTHING just to get my
mind off things!!"
"I know its hard but.." Phil was interuppted by an incoming message.
"It's Admiral Keslack sir.." said the communications officer "And he say's
its about him.." the ensign pointed forcefully at Chrysler.
"He has a name Ensign.." Phil reminded, Jay just shook his head to Phil in a
'Dont worry about it' gesture.
"Admiral, good morning.." Phil said, as Keslack appeared on screen.
"Admiral, as I explained, i have reason to beleive Lt Cmdr Chrysler was not
acting under his own free will, and have therefore agreed to grant him
asylum until we have completed our investigations."
"INVESTIGATIONS?! He's as guilty as they come, have you turned your back on
the Space Corp, captain?"
"Sir, surely my loyalty cannot be questioned when I have handed over my own
daughter for trial?"
"Maybe so, but she acted under her own free will!"
"Noones DENYING her guilt, but the real criminal is stood to your left.
Either hand him over, or you yourself will be wanted for harbouring a
fugitive, the BLue Dwarf will be treated as an enemy of the Space Corp as
long as Chrysler is aboard..."
"Goodbye Admiral"
The screen blanked, and Phil turned to Jay. "I hope your plan
works,..because this crew don't trust you, and I don't know how long they're
prepared to trust me..."
"Goodbye admiral"

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