Out of the Lookingglass

-Dalen Capital, Slave Pens, Night, 2 DSTR-

She watched, giving a grin at his anger. “You are not my enemy, neither of you are, and I am just a messenger, an errand girl, sent to do a task, and this is what I am good at.” She informed the orc, in a matter of fact tone. “This is business.”

After he swore the oath she reached out a hand and clasped something. She plucked a fairy right from nothing, it just popped into existence in her hand. “I like you smith, so I will do a favor for you.” She held the fairy out to him, the head of it about the size of a small apple. “Eat an eye and you will see your way through this place, past the illusions and tricks.” She said and pushed a finger into the head of the screaming fey to pop an eye out.

She held the little orb to him by the nerve, dangling it like some fruit and dropped it into his hand. “Two, just enough for the both of you.” She pulled off the wings of the creature and dropped it next to Kline. “That should keep it from getting away, now about your companion.”

She thrust her hand to the mirror and it shattered. When Gularzob looked back at the girl she was gone.

Kline scrambled to his feet, sword in hand and looking around for his attacker. “What… where…” He looked at Gularzob. “Careful, it might still be here….” He warned.

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