Who is this Girl

-Dalen Capital, Grand Theater, Later Evening 2 DSTR-

The carriage rolled through the city at a even pace, it was enchanted to feel comfortable in the carriage and the ride to be calm, so he could work while he traveled. She sat across from him with his back to the driver. His hands folded in his lap and a warm smile on his face that did not falter when she called him a half-elf. “It is a idea that I have grown to accept. How has it changed my upbringing?”

He leaned forward a little, leaning one elbow across his lap as he did. “It has given me insight in to both. I am a mix of the fey and the not fey.” He told her firmly. “I suspect the real question is why I am not someone of less import in this place, a criminal or a lost soul like those who wander the Lower Quarter?” He spoke as if to sharpen a blade.

“I was given to Druids, I was trained to be a bard, and when you have a lifetime to learn, you start to learn things about them, both of them, they do not know.” He sat back and looked at her. “History is very clear and when recorded without passion or prejudice it is revealing. It is a cycle, the Fates weave in circles. You wait around long enough, and you see the cycle repeating and if you know what is to come you can prepare.”

He looked at her and arched a brow. “You, you are not from the infernal plane, you are too powerful to be brought her unchecked, and I cannot see any marks of binding on you. If someone strong enough to make Sarx bow were here they would have to be summoned, or a portal would be open and that would mean a lot more of you then just one. A powerful entity from the Infernal plane would not waste a portal to come through alone, and a summoner would not bring one here without binding it to a purpose.” He counted off his reasoning for his summation at this point. “So, who and what are you that would desire souls?”

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