---- The Bramble Wood, Very Near Jocelynn's Inn, Early Morning, 1 DSTR ----

Gareth watched in silent horror at Ceriden as he revived the dead soldiers. Or revived might not be the correct way to describe it. The soldiers might be moving about again, but it didn't excatly make them appear more alive. To be honest they were quite frightening to look at. Despite of this Gareth had no intentions of interfering with this work of Ceridens. He himself had done far worse things than this so he didn't feel like having the right to judge other peoples actions.

Ceriden finally looked back at Gareth, who looked quite uncomfortable at this point. "So, Gareth, what did we learn from that fight?"

Now with Ceridens attention directed towards him, Gareth struggled to find the courage to even look at him. "... That.. I really am a mindless beast..." there was no almost no traceable emotions in his voice as he spoke, despite the pain and sorrow he was feeling inside "... I can't control it...". "I don't know anything about fighting either..." he added after a tiny pause "I've never learned how to because it has never been my job. I've only been used as a way to get rid of unwanted persons or to frighten people...". He didn't want to think back upon his past, but that would be impossible.

"I'm sorry..." he finally ended, his eyes fixed on the ground. There really wasn't much more to say and now he could only await his punishment.

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