You Caught me Monologuing

-The Bramble Wood,
Very Near Jocelynn's Inn,
Dawn, 1 DSTR-

"... That... I really am a mindless beast... I can't control it... I don't know anything about fighting either... I've never learned how to because it has never been my job. I've only been used as a way to get rid of unwanted persons or to frighten people... I'm sorry..."

Ceriden frowned. "Don't apologize to me, I'm not the one who almost got himself killed. And even if you have never properly learned to fight, you did just take out two professional soldiers, and you might have been able to defeat the rest of them had you not decided to stop for a snack break in the middle of the battle."

He then smiled paternally as he continued, "And about you being a mindless beast, well, you seem very in-control of your senses now. You were just being a mindless beast, there is a big difference. Don't beat yourself up over your mistakes, learn from them. What are we going to do differently next time?"

Ceriden took a breath and was about to continue his monologue when...

"Sorcerer! You had the perfect opportunity to kill me and add me to your little band of thralls, but you haven't. Why?"

Ceriden whirled around and blinked as he saw the green haired soldier rise to his feet.

"What do you want with me?"

"I haven't actually decided yet," Ceriden replied, "I just didn't see a reason to kill you. I'd advise you not to give me one."

He looked back to Gareth and muttered, "We'll talk more later," before turning back toward the green haired soldier.

"And it's funny that you call me a sorcerer, because, well, you are probably the one who is a sorcerer here. I am a wizard. There is a difference, although I wouldn't expect a Verdener to understand the semantics. This does beg the question, however, if you are a Verdener and a sorcerer, then what are you going to do with yourself from here? Will you crawl back to Verden with your tail between your legs and try to explain what happened here?
Hopefully you'll get lucky and they won't execute you for being a mage or a deserter. Or perhaps you will go the other way, toward Dalen, and try to eek out some kind of living with what few belongings you have left. What you might not realize, however, is that if someone realizes that you are or were a soldier of Verden, they might report you to the guards, who will happily arrest you and torture you to death in order to gain military intelligence about Verden's armies."

"Maybe you are one of those few people familiar with wilderness survival, and you could try your hand at living here as a hermit in the Bramblewood while hoping you don't run afoul of the bears, trolls, giant spiders, or werewolves."

"But if none of those options sound appealing, I'll invite you to join me in my quest for enlightenment. As it happens, I find myself wanting to go to the Skeldergate, and although I have travelled across most of the Continent, I have yet to visit the Kingdom of Ignorance that is Verden, and I could use a guide. I'll give you a moment to think on it while I encourage my friend here after the beating you gave him earlier."

Ceriden turned back to Gareth, "So, do you feel better yet?"

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