-The Bramble Wood,
Very Near Jocelynn's Inn,
Early Morning, 1 DSTR-

"Well." Ponce had simply said, never actully looking up at the two.

The damn wizard was right. He was the thing his very kingsom despised, he had allowed three others soldier to die by the hands of a wizard and a vampire, and somehow he had walked away almost completely intact. Oh, and he had commited murder. At this point, he was no better than a common criminal, he simply wore Verden's colors.

'Never really suited me anyway...'

Ponce felt that he was simply born in the wrong place at the wrong time. He had no desire to fight for some flag, and as dangerous as it turned out to be, he could not hope to supress his love for magic. It was absolutely mystifying to him. And the mage in him wanted nothing more than to weild that vary power at his fingertips.

Perhaps he had been silent for two long. The ghoul began speaking.

"I have to admit that I don't think it is a good idea to keep that soldier around. I would much rather have him for dessert right now than as a guide."

Ponce's eyes opened wide as he nearly spat out every drop of saliva in his mouth. First, he was amased that this monster was capable of doing anything with his mouth other than ripping flesh and breaking bones, let alone basic communication, and second, absolutely appalled the he even had the audacity to speak in such a way.

"...usted pequeña mierda..." Ponce muttered under his breath, cursing in his native tongue. This one, this "Gareth", truly was único en su clase, one of a kind.

Ponce had half a mind to curse out loud, but then the wizard began to speak, and the knight was glad he hadn't.

"You would rather eat a man for dessert than have a guide? How very short-sighted of you."

Ponce crossed his arms as he silently listened to the wizard. He told himself to simmer down, now, and was glad that for once he was actually capable of controlling himself. If he truly was to join thier merry little band of supernatural misfits (and the occasional zombie), he figured that perhaps he shouldn't make the wound between himself and Gareth any larger or deeper. He would be neutral, hopefully such an action would work in his favor, and hopefully he would actually be able to execute such an action in the first place.

The wizard then turned to him. It was time.

"So what will it be? Do we part ways from here, or would you like to learn how to actually control that fancy magic stuff that you appear to be capable of wielding?"

Ponce wasn't exactly quite sure what to make of his current situation. His father was a stern, extremely militaristic man. He had been tought and raised to do, not to feel. But due to the fact that he happened to be human, which are beings usually gifted with the inborn ability to express emotion, the constant suppressing of his own tended to be rather destructive in the long run, evident by the current situation he found himslef in.

But alas, Ponce had no more time to buy. By then, though, he didn't actually need any, he knew his answer now.

"Vale. I have decided. I will only cause destructuon and wrath where ever I go, until I eventually die a horrible death at the hands of a superior force. Without guidance, my fate would be sealed, and that does not particularly please me."

He let out a sigh, before finally finding the courage to look the wizard in his eyes. For some reason, a part of him had subconsciously regarded the man as some sort of evil force, created to be destroyed, but now, as he looked at the man, he felt that he was really no more than that, a man. Perhaps that was the way the wizard had intended it.

"So, as long as you can keep your friend from trying to eat my face like pasta, then I'll join you. Who knows, if you can actually teach me to control.....this...perhaps when we're all amigos, I won't fail you as I have my comrades today."

As he said that, he looked directly at the the zombified Wren. And then he instantly looked away.

"Speaking of that, what exactly do you plan on doing with them, anyway?"

Something told him he more or less already knew the answer to his question.

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