An escape plan

Artem was desperately trying to figure out how to escape from this nightmarish situation. After all, he loved his life as a mercenary and all the traveling and freedom it gave him. This would all be ruined if he had to take care of a child as well. On top of that he feared that Johannas father would force him to marry her, which most certainly would put an end to his current lifestyle for good.

He could only see one option: He had to run away. But how? Suddenly he got an idea. He could see a dwarf on a pony, entering the city this very moment. This could be his way out.

Quickly he ran up to the dwarf, waving his arms to be sure he got his attention. "Hey! You there! Master dwarf! I need to buy your.. horse" he placed himself in front of the pony, blocking its way forward. The pony was definitely too small for a man of his size, but taking its condition into account he just might be able to afford it, though he only had a few coins left.

Artem quickly glanced back towards the inn, making sure no one was after him, at least not yet. "Look. This is a matter of great urgency" he looked at the dwarf once more, his face still quite pale as he was still recovering from the chok he had just received.

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