Katya's Paranoia

*Border Forest, near Jocelynn's Inn. 0 DSTR, mid-morning*

"I'm simply keeping to my personal oaths. If I see someone in need, I help them. She was alone and hungry, so I fed her from my portion of the rations and I gave her company. Katya, Celestia. Celestia, Katya. Now, are you awake for good?"

Katya looked at Simon, then looked back at the mysterious woman, who stated, "Katya."

"That's m'name," Katya replied. She then looked back down at Simon. Rather sarcastically, she said, "While I'm sure miss Celestia of the realm of the stars appreciated your food and company, I think it is about time she got back to searching for whatever it is she was looking for... unless that something is us."

Her voice hardening, Katya continued, "I suspect this woman is possessed. Those eyes are not natural, and if we searched her, we would probably find other marks of possession on her as well. I know you have those wonderful oaths and all, but her needs have been met, and now she is probably more of a threat to us than she is a charity case."

Katya sighed, "But I suppose that is your call. If your oaths dictate that she can abuse your hospitality for as long as she wants, well, oaths are oaths, and honest men stick to their word no matter how inconvenient and dangerous the ramifications could be."

<Tag - Simon, Celestia, and optionally Outrider>

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