Dim doesn't know

"I NOT YELL!" Dim yelled, his voice echoing over the water. "I just loud voice! I can't help!" He looked a little offended. "And I not demand! Girls like Dim! Dim strong and handsome and ask nice and have big peepee so girls say okay! Sometimes!"

He gazed forlornly across the water. Far in the distance, the last flicker of burning ship disappeared beneath the waves. It made Dim miss his fire. Hopefully the others would find fire soon. "Dim not know where Dim from," he said, more quietly than anything else he'd said since his arrival. "Dim forget a lot. Dim have wrong head!" He parted his hair and a thick, jagged scar 5 inches in length became visible underneath the matted strawberry blonde. "Dim head bad."

He dropped his hair and shook his head. "So, just live and fight and have fun. No plan for ahead. No memo... No thinkings for back. Last thinkings just..." He screwed up his face and counted on his fingers. "Three moons. Maybe four." His face fell. "Dim forget."

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