The Dagda was silent for a long moment as he considered Mimirs request. However, he was saved from a quick response by the words of Luna. He released a sigh,

"It means young one, that until your little display a moment ago, it was presumed that the world of Night had been lost to the void. It means that if he is able Fenrir will accept you with arms open wide so that he may reach Svartelheim and tear the still beating hearts from your people while their children watch and weep. The wolf and the shadow are enemies of old."

Leaving those words to sink in he turned to Mimir, "You require the chariot of Freja, with it you may reach the ruins of Asgard." He raised a hand as the old mans eyes brightened, "You will find what you seek in the tombs of the Gardens of the Vanar at the heart of this land. You will not like what you find there."

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