Dark Happenings

Miles screamed until his throat was roar. He had stepped into the dark hallway with the others but had never emerged into the paradise gardens of Hela. The magics of the dark hall were not only stripping his mind of all that was human they were also wiping him from exisitance. His one time companions would by now only have vague memories of the scarred man who had once fought at their side.

In the dark hallway horror after horror assailed him until at last he fell to his knees, his face streaming with tears. It was then that he saw the eyes. Two giant golden orbs moving through the darkness towards him.

"H...help m...m..me." Miles croaked, his voice barley a whisper.

He could make out the shape of the huge beast now as it loomed over him. A wolf? For a moment he thought it might be the witches creature returned for him, but no this thing was a giant in comparison.

The creature leaned in and Miles cried out in pain as the huge wolf bit into his right arm and shoulder. Miles was too weak to fight back as he was dragged from the darkness of the Hallway and into the light.

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