When the violence began Balar made ready to enter the fray but was held back by the soft clutch of Tiella holding his arm.

"You need not fight every battle my love, the witch has this... in hand."

"We are too quick to violence." He grumbled but Tiella simply laughed.

"It's like old times." She remarked.

"That is what I am worried about."


Tiella moved to inspect the prone Dyvia, placing her open palm on the Dwarfs head. Her eleven senses were not as strong as the sleeping Luna but she had decades more experience in understanding the ebb and flow of matters magical.

She closed her eyes and allowed her senses to delve into their unconscious companion and drew back with a sharp gasp.

"Power." She hissed, "power and.. hatred. We need to get that thing out of her and soon. I fear the birth will consume her otherwise."

"How long?" Balar asked.

"A day.. perhaps two."

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