Things I Can Do

“Sex magic. To make me more attractive and desirable, it’s somewhat of a side effect.” Olin answered. The effect was more or less out of his control; particularly given he wasn’t actively trying to reign it in. In a weird way, he was trying to give off a good impression in the only way he knew how.

“Yes, I can read and write in runes. Embed them into stone and enchant them. There are a variety of thing I can do with the power derived from sex. I can power a number of rituals, I can even temporarily endow another with more power or take there and store it for a time. I can induce a vision for me to see or let them see. For example, I learn your language with a spell, when I kissed you companion Caligari, I learn from her lip how to speak.” Olin said with a smile.

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