Cali doesn't go down on the Ice Giant's Ridge.

Caligari looked at the makeshift sleigh that was plopped down in front of her. There was something downright undignified about the thought of being seen huddled atop a slab of wood and careening down a mountain. It was also incredibly unsafe. Dignity and security had never been qualities Cali strove to obtain for herself, but her time in Hel seemed to have changed that much inside of her as well.

Garm walked around the sleigh, sniffing every inch of the contraption. He then lifted a leg and urinated. Cali looked to Olin, shaking her head. “I was undecided, but now it is as clear as Garm’s yellow piss.” And she pointed at the sleigh where the yellow puddle was running down natural rivets in the wood. The witch had even less confidence in Luna’s magic and anyway, it was difficult for one magic user to trust in another’s abilities, never mind the dynamic that had developed between the two.

Cali snaked her way into Olin’s arms and steered him from the sleigh. “Garm, that was very rude. These people must still sit on that.”

Garm gave her a confused look and without diverting his fiery blue eyes, used his back legs to kick snow onto the sled. Then his tongue lolled out of his mouth and he trotted over to her side.

“That’s fine for a wolf, but you are a Great wolf; next time I expect better. Now stand close and tuck in your tail if you don’t want to lose it.” Cali traced patterns through the air with her free hand and began pulling pieces of those lines together, stitching a webbing of sort out of the very air itself. The space between began to fill with inky blackness and soon took on a life of its own, completing the bubble around the three of them without further assistance from the dark witch. “You may see frightful things while the spirits of the dead convey our bodies from here to there without occupying to distance between. If you grow fearful, just remember to hold on. It could always be worse.”

And the orb around them grew opaque, shrinking down into a tiny dot until it disappeared completely.

OOC: I’m sure LargeHobbit has absolutely no intention of throwing a monkey wrench into Cali’s magic, but I always like to give him the setup.

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