Ruined His Favorite Shirt

A look of confusion crossed Jin'Lor's face as Liden stopped at the door, catching the lightsaber she tossed him. "What...?" Anger quickly replaced his confusion as he turned back in time to see the Phantom be freed.

The Phantom's helmet split open and the ghostly skull roared at him as it began to advance, its energy blade extended and poised for an attack. Then it lunged at Jin'Lor.

"You bitch," He chuckled and jumped to the side in time to avoid the lunging monstrosity. Activating Liden's lightsaber, he blocked more attacks the Phantom sent his way with that energy blade. Noticing the helmet split open just to make noise gave him an idea, but he needed to find a chance to strike first. Defending himself into a corner was all he seemed to be doing at the moment.

Pulling a knife free, he tossed it as a distraction at the beastly creature and shoved the Phantom back with The Force before jumping forward and making quick slashes at the armor. The knife not being enough, he got hit a few times for his overconfidence. Biting through the pain as his wounds healed rapidly, he quickly hunted for a crevice of any kind and stabbed the lightsaber into it, jerking back as hard as possible.

Feeling the energy blade stab into his side as he began to rip the armor away, he only let out a half groan and kicked at the Phantom's arm. "Ruined my favorite shirt!" He yelled in a half joking tone and pulled harder at the lightsaber in hand until he got the armor free, falling back and letting the energy blade rip from his body through his stomach.

Flipping back to land on his feet, Jin'Lor spat out black blood and gazed toward the Phantom, hoping what he had done was enough to deal with this monstrosity.

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