Jedi Master Anto in prison

Joint post between Halvtand, Kitty

Even with his hands bound and unarmed the two stormtroopers, Axel and Memet, didn’t take and chances. Memet grabbed a firm hold of the shackles and led the Jedi master out of the room and down the hallway while Axel took up a position a few steps behind then, blaster carbine aimed at Anto’s back as they walked. They travelled through roughly the same path that he and Serenity had been led only minutes before. Past people working on big screens, relaying intel and orders, pushing glowing buttons and pulling levers. Some of them turned to watch as the trio walked past, but none looked too concerned. One raised a hand to cover their mouth to stifle a gasp. Anto wondered for a moment if this was the first time they’d ever seen a proper jedi, and if they’d been fed so much propaganda that even in the presence of a master in the ways of the light side of the force didn’t cause more of a reaction. He was the ultimate enemy after all, a traitor to the old republic, a fugitive, murderer and fanatic. Or perhaps they were so used to their own inquisitors that he just seemed like another force user to them. That though depressed him a bit.

Anto was led to an elevator, again his guards took no chances. Memet led Anto to the side and let Axel beck into the elevator before Anto was pushed inside. Axel’s weapon aimed at him the whole time. They rode the elevator down in silence, though the two stormtroopers exchanged a few glances and grunts. In the highly complex speech of soldiers, they’d probably just made plans to grab a drink or a smoke once they’d delivered Anto to the holding area.

With a slight bing, the elevator reached its destination and the doors hissed open. In familiar formation the trio stepped out and approached a single uniformed soldier. Behind him was a long hallway with doors on either side in a symmetrical layout, no more than a few feet apart. At the end, the hallway split in two, possibly continuing with the same structure down those hallways.
“One for solitary” Memet told the soldier and dragged Anto to the front before letting go of the cuffs and taking up a similar position as Memet.
“I see” replied the soldier and poked his datapad a few times, bringing up the jedi’s incarceration orders.
“Oh I am sorry, your graciousness. My lowly self was unaware that we were in the company of such greatness this day” the soldier finally said, every word dripping with mockery and sarcasm. “I trust your armed escort did their job very respectfully” he continued, getting a nod of agreement from the two troopers.
“Splendid. Now let's see here. I have a lovely suite all prepared for you with all the luxuries you can imagine, floor, walls, locked door. You even get your own lamp.” the soldier continued as he walked over to one of the closest doors and opened it to reveal a small cell. The whole room was only about big enough so that Anto could lie down along any angle, if he had his arms over his head he’d touch a wall. There was a lamp in there, and a very uncomfortable-looking bed.
“...And of course your very own… eh… facilities” the soldier said, breaking character as he apparently could not think of a better word for the bucket-like toilet in the corner.
Anto was pushed into the cell and the door swung closed with a loud bang, some clicks a few seconds later meant the door was properly locked.

The muted voices of the soldiers talking could be heard through the door, then it went silent and Anto assumed the troopers had left. A small opening appeared in the door at about head height and the prison guard’s face came into view.
“Look, you just sit tight in there and I’ll bring you some food and drink in a while. Don’t even think about escaping. There are enough soldiers around to put down even one of your lot. Besides, I hear you’re trading your life for someone else, so if you escape… Eeeh, who knows, right?” Anto raised his head and met the guard’s eyes, gave him a small nod and the hatch closed.
Some time later the hatch opened and a small tray containing food and water was poked through it. Anto grabbed it with a court nod and was left to his solitude.

After his meal Anto sat down on the bunk in his cell, crossed his leg and took a deep breath to calm his breathing and pulse. It helped him focus. He closed his eyes and reached out with the force and explored his surroundings. He felt the edges of his cell as clearly as if he’d touched the walls with his hands. He reached through the door, feeling the heavy lock, the bolts that went halfway into the door from the reinforced walls. That door was made to remain closed and withstand a siege. Out in the hallway he could feel the presence of the guard wandering around, up and down the hallway to pass time. Further away he could feel a number of people, steeld guards, calculating codebreakers and many others. Even the occasional spark of force sensitivity. Most of it not enough to even talk about, but every now and then there was the potential for something more, perhaps unrealised.
Anto wondered if the general knew about these people. If the way they were spread out over the base was accidental or by her careful design to make sure no part of the operation drew too much attention from the inquisitors. Without really noticing he slipped into deep meditation, and the hours ticked by like seconds.

At that point he felt or heard something in the force.” Master, where are you they going to give me my lightsaber? I think i will rescue you i just need to know where you are ''.
She was going to get her lightsaber back? Odd, but the general probably knew what she was doing. Their connection was strong and clear, but Anto knew that there was one other trained in the force on the base who could possibly hear the message as well.
“Serenity, I’ve made an agreement with the general. My life for yours in peace. I might be able to bargain for my life with Odet when you’re safely away from here, but I cannot risk both our lives before then.” he replied
He did not have to wait long for a reply.” but master don't you see that the Jedi need you. You could be the only master left. The order will need a master to rebuild it. There will be other force Sensitive children. I’m not even sure I can be the Jedi Master Parent thought I could” Anto was able to feel her uncertainty in her own abilities.

The hatch in the door opened again. A small tray of food and water was poked through and Anto grabbed it.
“It’s not much for a last meal, but on the other hand resources are scarce here” said the guard, almost as an apology. Anto was about to grab the tray when he heard more voices from the other side, whispering. He clearly heard the word “jedi” before the tray was abruptly dropped into the cell and the hatch closed. Sensing some kind of trouble Anto reached out with the force through the door. He couldn’t hear the people talking, but he grabbed the hatch and forced it open just enough to let the sound through without being too easy to notice.
“We can’t just let her get away after chasing her halfway across the sector and have them put our mates in the ground.” Said one voice, and several voiced agreement.
“We could rig some thermals in the ship. They’re using the clunker the old guy came in on, locking the nav computer. It’ll just be her on it. Set them to a few hours ahead and they’ll go off once she’s in hyperspace. No one will care that she won’t arrive” Said another voice, much to the joy of the others.
“Keep it down, I have the big guy in there, he might hear you” said the familiar voice of the guard.
“So what? That door is tripple-reinforced, it will stand against a blast from an AT-AT. Once he’s in a position to talk she’ll be space dust.”

Anto let the hatch close, he’d heard more than enough. He’d trusted the general, but no commander could control their own troops 100%,otherwise there wouldn’t be a word for mutiny.
He looked at the door closely. If he’d only had his lightsaber he could carve his way through it like it was warm butter. Not many materials could stand against the chosen weapon of a Jedi knight and he seriously doubted that the empire would shell out for that kind of prison on a backwater forest planet in the middle of nowhere.
But he didn’t have the lightsaber. He wasn’t even sure about where it was, though he felt pretty sure it wasn’t anywhere close to him. Probably either in the general’s office or an armoury somewhere.
Never out of options, Anto instead turned to the force. He’d already examined the door. He’d felt the bolts, the weight, the hinges. He reached out and grabbed it, as if he was controlling the hand of a giant, or if the door was tiny. He grabbed it and pushed, there was plenty of room out in the hallway for it, and if he’d hit one of the traitors, too bad for them. Yet with all his might and strength, even with the power of the force as his ally, it wouldn’t budge.
He reached out with the force, searched the base, fumbled through all the minds he could feel in search of one. Serenity. He thought about the general for one second, she’d been honest with him and the troopers outside breaking her promise… He couldn’t count on it. Besides, he didn’t have that kind of connection with her.
He found Serenity then, her mind like a beacon in a sea of candles. He grabbed hold and chose his words carefully.
“Serenity. I was wrong, you need to come get me. Whatever you do, do not board the ship that will take you offworld without me. It’s rigged to explode in hyperspace.”
Her response was instant and a mess “ I understand where are you, we need to talk when we get off this planet something strange just happened."
“I’m in the dungeon. Take the elevator we used to meet the general yesterday down as far as it goes. If you’re lucky there will only be a prison guard here, but there may be other stormtroopers. I heard them plotting and I cannot get out of here by myself.”
“ I won’t fail again, master “ she said. There was some pain and desperation that could be felt along with that response”

Some time later Anto heard Serenity’s voice again. “ Master the General wants to help us escape. She had two ideas the first is that we take aria hostage when I’m escorted down to see you. The second is…” her voice faltered. He could tell something about the second option bothered her.

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