The Woman With A Wrench

First, Jewel was shocked at the strength of this young Jedi. Who could throw a man in armor clear through two trees like that? Apparently, to the jawa's surprise, this girl. She had an angry look in her young eyes that made the little cloaked figure worry, though.

"Jewel!" A familiar voice called and a trooper went falling as a wrench slammed hard into the back of his helmet. Glancing between the jawa and the young Jedi with deep blue eyes, the tan skinned woman pulled out her blaster and shot down a few more troopers coming for them without a second thought. "Ya keep my little friend safe and I'll keep ya safe, girl." She stated as a trooper grew closer.

Twisting, the tan skinned woman kicked the trooper away and toward Serenity without thinking, giving the young Jedi the perfect opportunity to knock him down with her lightsaber.

As for Jewel, she had taken notice of the shots and where they were coming from. Her gaze fell to where Kantos was with silent curiosity.

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