At the Market

Quint touched his arm and asked things, “Want me on your right side or your left? I can fight either side. Since I have already been kidnapped today, what is the we are in trouble sign? A good scream or things exploding?”

Walking with Quint thinking on her questions as they got close to the market. “dose not matter the side I can adapted to ether. As for trouble sign when I start shooting that’s a good time to think on fighting. But I don’t see any trouble right now. You could draw attention, but I have a reputation. Most will not mess with me.” he says walking. Soon they were in the marketplace Rowan stated to look around. Hearing a familiar sound looking you see RED-1 taking with some merchants. Who were giving the droid a hard time? but nothing to mean.

Walking up to a merchant selling junk parts. He looks at Rowan his eyes get big. Looking humanoid a Firrerreo you could see his canine teeth, two-tone hair, and nictitating membranes protecting eyes. his gold-colored skin was turning silver, with his scars are silver in color. “Umm.. Rowan, a… how are you?” Rowan said nothing the quiet was vary awkward moment. “Moman, I am here to see Bintt” said Rowan in a stern vice. “He..he`s here at the a cantina in the back I think.” Moman answers in a trembling voice. “Thanks, will see you later” says Rowan. He looks at Quint. “Let’s go” he says to the young Jedi. Rowan continues to walk through the market.

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