Storms of Blue

But, for now. You have a deal, and now that I am free of my master. I will accompany you and lend you my aid.” Aldous shook his brother's hand. Making the deal and burning a seal into the palm. “But you follow my rules, okay?”
Soularous gave his brother a calm smile and nodded, "You're right. You were always better with the calm approach. Only reason you never got banished the way I did so many times. Your way, your rules brother. You got it." He ended the handshake, "I'm going to step out of the circle, you might want to see to the child, you know how my presence can be."
Soularous waited for a moment before stepping out of the circle. Like the first shockwave of the Weave, his presence balanced it out. Outside the house dark thunder clouds gathered. Blue light struck across the sky, and the wind whipped around with furious speed as people on the street ran for cover. Soularous took in a breath of air, "I missed this place. Aldous, I'll be outside." The demon lord stepped through the front door, his hair blowing in the wind, the thunder and lightning of the arcane storm being beautiful to him. "I guess before we start anything, we find Jynieth, and the rest of the family." Blue lightning struck Soularous, and formed into blue armor with enraged faces, a sword strapped to his side, "Much better." He smiled as he looked across the land, "We are coming for you, Jynieth, Draken. We are coming!"
The Storms of Blue reacted to the shockwave from Soularous. They became stronger, and rain began to fall upon the ground. Draken's wings flapped in response, the demon prince opened his golden eyes. Sitting up, he stretched his body. Feeling the water on his skin he got up on his feet and pulled his cloak over him. He pulled out his sword which also had blue electricity shimmering through it. Draken gave a smile, "At long last, we meet. Father."
The shockwaves from the Weave had Lenora collapse on the ground. "What great magic was that!" She scouted ahead, saw Draken's storms, it seemed to be raining. Then she saw another storm on the horizon that was blue, "Oh no. Lord Bathlazaar isn't going to like this. This doesn't look good. Not good at all." She stepped back, afraid. "I have a mission, but I doubt Gelt will miss this." She shook herself back, "I have to go." She returned to running to her destination as fast as she could, knowing things had changed. Gelt's supremacy was now in doubt, being overtaken by the King in Blue, his brother, and son.

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