Joseph awoken to the noise of Sunder explaining about him being around those areas. He realized he was tied with rope, "You know, I don't know why I couldn't enter the church, however I will let you know that I had nothing to do with the Iron Queen and her followers, and if you think I help her, you might be as crazy as a goblin hermit." Joseph sighed, "I was cursed by the Iron Queen, she slaughtered my entire village, and put some strange mark on me, a skeletal ouroboros, a mockery of the cycle of life. Now I have nightmares, apparently I black out, and some name keeps popping in my head. Drivin? Drakez, no Draken, Draken Darward." He looked around, "What exactly happened, I just remember seeing a woman in danger and a voice, a cruel voice spoke in my head, so...fuzzy." He groaned in pain.
(OOC-Thanks Thaen, just needed Joseph to finally speak and defend himself

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