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((Outskirts of Karavoss and the Dalen Remnant))

Reise dismounted at the campsite and helped Orla down from the horse, gently setting her to the ground as though she were the most precious work of art, a fragile treasure that might break easily. He turned to Jeke and now eyed him with more respect. “I thank you for your gallant service to us. I don't think we were ever properly introduced. My lovely companion is Orlaith Carling of the Carlingwood Carlings of Verden. And I, sir, am Reise Hund. In the common tongue, my name translates to Wandering Dog. In my own language I am known as... something else.”

“Pleased to meet you both. Helping those in need is part of my code,” Jeke said with a gentle smile before walking over to Sunder by the fire.


"That man is wanted, you said," Jeke went on, with a motion to Joseph. He pulled out his wine skin and took a swig, continuing, "Varland is rather far from here... Even for him. What murders was he accused of?" he asked, offering the warm wine to the other Weapons Master.

“I do not imbibe,” Sunder said and raised a dismissive hand to politely refuse the wine. “There was a spate of anti-human hate crimes believed to be inspired by the Iron Queen. Men were killed. Local elves were suspected of being behind the attacks, but on three separate occasions Lithwick was known to be in the vicinity and acting strangely. There was another witness that saw him trying to enter the Church of the Fair Lady and being repelled at the door as if by some unseen force. That Church is open and accepting of everyone yet he could not enter it. The Mother asked me to look into the matter, but it has drawn me away from my... other work... for far too long and I must get back soon.”

Joseph awoken to the noise of Sunder explaining about him being around those areas. He realized he was tied with rope.

"You know, I don't know why I couldn't enter the church, however I will let you know that I had nothing to do with the Iron Queen and her followers, and if you think I help her, you might be as crazy as a goblin hermit," the swordsman spoke up. Jeke and Sunder turned to behold the awoken man. Joseph sighed, continuing, "I was cursed by the Iron Queen, she slaughtered my entire village, and put some strange mark on me, a skeletal ouroboros, a mockery of the cycle of life. Now I have nightmares, apparently I black out, and some name keeps popping in my head. Drivin? Drakez, no Draken, Draken Darward." He looked around, "What exactly happened, I just remember seeing a woman in danger and a voice, a cruel voice spoke in my head, so...fuzzy." He groaned in pain.

Jeke gave a look to Sunder, whose faceplate was unreadable to the happenings. He turned back to the man, half crouching, half walking with a wine skin to quench his parched throat. Jeke tilted it upwards gently as he glanced at the other two. He gave a look of calm and a nod before answering. "You attacked and killed Knights of the High Church that were wrongfully accusing those two," Jeke said, giving Joseph a moment to swallow. "You passed out as I came to you. You gave those two quite a scare."


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