A Dark Shade

"Hail!" Severos called to him. "Good day, sirrah!"

Shade slowly descended down to the ground, and walking out from the shadows, he approached Severos, his shadow blades appearing in his hands, ready for use. Severos had waved but the man still had not seen him. The mage continued to walk, oblivious to Shade as he crept up on him.

A freezing chill crossed Severos' neck on that warm day. The mage came to a stop, frozen by fear and shock, mind racing. Had Kelmoran broken free? No, the dwemers laid into the Mortith were still tightly bound into those cursed, dark pages. Yet, it felt like that same dark eye had passed over him, seeing his soul and wanting it nevertheless.

With a sudden haste, with no warning, he took off at a dead run forward. The young mage felt his fear tapering off as he glanced behind him. There was no one there at all. He made it to a few of the larger granaries and dipped into a side alley. He was far too busy looking behind him to pay attention in front of him, having a sinking feeling he was being followed.

He smacked into a woman that had entered just on the other side and was woozily swaying in attempt to plant her feet against both walls and shimmy up. Both went down with surprised "Oof!"

"I am so sorry!" he said, picking himself up and looking behind him again. He still had that feeling in his gut. "I was not watching-" He noticed the woman, dressed in very well fitted clothing with striking cheekbones framing very intense, if slightly dulled, eyes. "Are you okay?" he asked, quickly glancing over his shoulder before reaching down a helping hand.

((OOC: Just tying some characters together. Ender, if you want, Shade can catch me before, during, or after this. I can re-edit as necessary))

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