Meet Joe

January 1, 2184 EC // 7.3.6 SW
10:30/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Hex 2 Maintenance Bay

The Seegson spy sat in his corner of the Maintenance Bay, he'd been lucky the damned Working Joe that could effectively lead to his arrest or worse was placed before him. It was sat on a small cheap office chair with its limp head dangling down. "I know exactly how you feel," Shusett sarcastically commented. He ran his hands over its thick latex skin. Despite being a Seegson employee Irving had always disliked his employer's attempts at creating androids. Their dummy like appearance bothered him, especially the cold lifeless LED eyes.

Shusett moved his hands towards the pistol wound in the Joe's head, the dry white milky fluid had dried around the wound. "Looks painful," Shusett stick his finger in the wound and felt around the damaged wires and PCBs.

"How's it going Irving?" The voice startled Shusett, he turned his chair around and looked up. It was his supervisor a tall somewhat intimidating woman called Maryam, she bent down and started to examine the Working Joe. "What a piece of shit."

"Just taking a look for anything useful, then the body can be tossed into the furnace. I doubt there will be much of use in here especially with this damage."

"Whoever shot this thing really wanted it dead." Maryam observed.

"Can you blame them," Shusett replied.

"Nope I think I would shoot this thing too." Maryam giggled before taking a sip of her coffee. "You ever dealt with one of these things before?"

Irving was silent for a moment, he thought up an excuse. "I saw one once on a colony I was visiting. Piece of junk. Never opened one up though." For a spy Irving was a terrible liar, but Maryam looked convinced.

"You can use the workbench if it will make the job any easier."

"Thank you Maryam I think I'll do that." She politely tapped him on the shoulder and walked away loudly sipping her drink, the workbench was behind her. It was a long stainless steel workbench, that looked like it had been dragged out of a restaurant kitchen. Irving lifted the android up off the chair and placed him on the workbench. The Joe made a mighty thud as it landed on the surface of the table. He flipped the Working Joe over to access the data chips stored in the back of the android's neck, they were lucky to not be destroyed by the bullet wound. Carefully he pulled the flash hard drive stick with a pair of tweezers. "Bingo." Shusett was relieved to have this damned data in his possession. When nobody was looking he quickly hid it in his jacket pocket.

He continued to extract other potentially useful but ultimately irrelevant parts (to Shusett at least) from the internals of the Working Joe. A few parts that could be used as spares and repairs on an assortment of equipment and machinery, especially patented Seegson components handy for Seegson series tape recorders and other Seegson brand equipment. "I think that's the lot," Shusett announced to Maryam.

"Thank you Irving, somebody will throw away the rest. If you could take the extracted materials to the necessary storage drawers that would be fantastic."

"Right on it." Shusett nodded and scooped together the parts in his hands and took them to the relevant storage bins. The data was still safe in his jacket, now he just had to get out of here. He waited until Maryam or anyone else who'd be watching him was distracted and silently got out of the room. Shusett hoped that Cowboy and Bangtail would be happy that they won't have any evidence against them yet.

To Be Continued...

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