Wakey Wakey

7.3.5 SW
10:05/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Sotillo > C Deck > Medbay

The Auto-Doc ran through its process of patching up the arm wound and after about thirty minutes Hel finally awoke with Captain Bolaji next to her and Cham, elsewhere.

“Mama?” she said as she opened her eyes. She looked around the room in confusion.

“Hey, Hel. Y'okay?” said Bolaji losing her normal gruff tone.

“Adisa? What happened?” asked Hel.

“You... don’t remember?”

Hel seemed lost in reverie. "It was a... nice dream."

“You’ve been attacked, Hel. One of those parasites.” Bolaji said in serious tone. “Cham and I found you unconscious in cargo bay 2. Doesn’t ring a bell?”

Hel thought hard to remember a parasite... Nothing. She shook her head ‘no’.

“You must have been there with that thing all night... Don't know what its done to ya. Thought you were in your quarters. I killed the fucker... he gave me this to remember him by,” she raised her bandaged hand. “Bugger bleeds acid.”

Hel looked at her hand, concerned for her friend, she opened her mouth to speak but the Captain cut her off.

“I’m fine. Don’t fuss about it. How are YOU feeling.”

“Peachy,” Hel said, surprising herself that she didn't mean even a hint of sarcasm. "Yeah, I haven't felt this good in... a long time. But I'm starving.”

The Captain smirked and nodded her head, "Let's get you something to eat then, yeah?"

Meanwhile... in the cargo bay
Cham held up a pair of long pliers, the facehugger dangled from the opposite end. He tilted his sunglasses down his nose and looked nervously around the area for anything else that might be hiding out. The creature’s blood had eaten a nice hole through the floor so he knew that his next job would be checking out the area below. Carrying the thing cautiously across the cargo bay, he tossed it into the crate with the remains of the slick rubbery egg sac, then he closed the hatch and secured a cargo net around it, wiping the nervous sweat from his brow.

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