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Image of Lyron Cham (deceased)

Summary: Calm down, baby!

Lyron Cham (deceased)

Gender: Male

Age: mid 50s



Pilot of the Sotillo

Personality / History

A former combat pilot for the Colonial Marines, Cham was dishonorably discharged for nuking the wrong outpost during the Tientsin Campaign. An alcoholic, Cham is still a better pilot drunk than most colonial pilots are sober. Despite Cham's military knowledge and experience, he feels safer at the helm of a ship than on the ground as he has aged.

Stats / Skills

Strength 3
Agility 5
Wits 3
Empathy 3

Health 3


Command 2
Heavy Machinery 2
Observation 1
Piloting 3
Ranged Combat 2

Signature Item and Gear






.357 Magnum Revolver (2 reloads)

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Image of Lyron Cham (deceased)
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