Unanswered Calls

7.3.5 SW
Late Afternoon SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Hex 2 Maintenance Bay

Even after Cowboy's message had been received and decrypted the radio continued to hiss and bleep. Like someone was still trying to communicate with him. "What's wrong with this damn thing!" Irving angrily tapped the radio against his desk. Lyron Cham’s request for assistance finally came through over a repeated broadcast.

*tzzt* La-ie... *tzzt* A crackly digitized voice came through the receiver. *tzzt* Lad- *tzzt* The voice continued.

"Ladon?" Shusett said to himself, he tried contacting them back. ~tzzt~ This is Ladon, please confirm the transmission source. ~tzzt~

*tzzt* Thi- Sotil- *tzzt* Silence. *tzzt* Requesting immedi- *tzzt*

~tzzt~ Sotillo, your signal is weak. Please confirm. ~tzzt~ Shusett said. ~tzzt~ Sotillo, I repeat your signal is dodgy, I can't receive you fully. ~tzzt~ Irving began to panic he raced out of the Maintenance Bay and tried to pick up a better connection.

He detached the antenna attached to the handset by a spiraled communications cable, he raised it to the skies. ~tzzt~ This is Ladon. Cham, if this is you please respond. ~tzzt~ Shusett commanded down the radio, hoping that this would help the connection. ~tzzt~ Cham, I am ordering you to respond to me! ~tzzt~

No reply, something seriously bad had happened. Had the company somehow found the Sotillo and finished them off? Had that thing Irving accidentally released got to them? Or something else entirely? Irving felt guilty, he had to help them but didn't want to get caught by Weyland-Yutani or that Facehugger. Either way, it was bad news and Irving wouldn't do it without some weaponry.


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