January 1, 2184 EC // 7.3.6 SW
Late Afternoon/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Outside Hex 2

The grass was shaking, Shusett was on his way to gun store when his headset buzzed with noise. "-We have a location, the truck it's out near the beach up by Comms Outpost 1-" a masculine voice said just barely understandble. "-I will be out there soon." Barely anyone spent time around the Comms Outpost and now something was going down there, Irving's state of panic grew even worse. The cryostorage units, that vase thing, all the things he was keeping hidden for Cowboy.

"Shit!" Shusett whispered to himself. He tried to keep it cool, he already looked a mess and decided it wouldn't be best to look like a nervous wreck walking into a gun shop. He walked down to Hex 6, the Galleria, and eventually arrived at the correct store. A small weapons store, mainly for hunting equipment, the type of establishment that took themselves very seriously. He entered slowly and approached the cashier. "I need a weapon please."

"That's obvious," the cashier grumpily stated. "What kind of thing are you after sir?"

"A pistol of some kind I suppose," Shusett sighed.

"You want a pistol? For what purposes sir?"

"I work all over the place and want something in case an animal attacks me. You wouldn't believe the stuff I've had to deal with this week!"

"Very well sir, please can you place your identification sheet under the scanner." The cashier pointed to a raised metal slot. Irving complied, pulling a folded sheet of yellowish paper from his pocket and loading it under the scanner.

"Mr Irving Shusett, technician. Why'd a technician ever need a gun for?"

"All sorts of things hang around relay towers outside Crowning Point," Shusett explained, this cashier was really irritating him for some reason.

"Very well Mr. Shusett, what sort of thing would you like?" As the cashier asked Irving spotted something on a display rack behind the counter. A gun with a long scope on the top, a torch was attached just below the barrell of the weapon.

"What's that one?" Irving pointed at the weapon.

"That one?" The cashier turned around and picked up, slamming it in front of Irving. "This is a Rexim RXF-M5 EVA Pistol, the only one we have."

"May I?"

"Of course sir," the cashier slid the pistol towards Irving. He lifted it and examined it closely, it felt nice as well as looking nice.

"How much?" Irving asked continuing to study the Rexim.

"That's $400 sir."

"Alright," Shusett took a deep breath. "I will take this one."

"Credit chip?"

"Yes please," the Seegson spy pulled his credit chip from his wallet. The cashier typed in the amount into the chip reader.

"Insert your chip please." Irving quickly rammed the chip into the reader, then verifying with his the fingerprint of his index finger. It processed slowly and then bleeped to confirm the transaction had gone through. "Thank you Mr. Shusett, you be careful with that thing." A receipt with the weapon's identification number and the name of Shusett slid out of a thermal printer. "You keep this safe!" The cashier said as he handed him the receipt. He then placed a small box of compatible ammunition, which Irving quickly pocketed.

"Be seeing you." Irving left quickly making sure his gun wasn't too clearly visible. Before he went to the Sotillo he'd have to see what was going on with the Comms Outpost, there was no way he'd be able to stop them from finding the contents of the freezer crates but he could at least see where they would take them.


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