Ghost Forest Beach

JP between Red_sword7, Thaen93 , and Omni

7.3.5 SW
Late Afternoon SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point

*tzzt* Got the truck! It's out near the beach up by Comms Outpost 1. *tzzt*

Red and Blue were already working on the teams. Cameron snapped his head up when he heard that.

"Comms One? Hold on... May be able to check some of the cameras...."

"Stow it, Blue. Comm check?" Red went, his rifle checked. "18 year old kid running around? I doubt he is anywhere up there."

Red turned to the fire teams. He keyed the radio for the Marshal. ~tzzt~ Red to Marshal. Fireteam standing by. ~tzzt~

*tzzt* Wolfhound to RED Leader, We have a location, the truck. It's out near the beach up by Comms Outpost 1, go check it out.*tzzt*He paused. *tzzt* If he isn’t there, start a search pattern around the area. Don't mess with the truck. I will be out there soon. *tzzt* radioed Roberts.

"Looks like his device is on, pinging from somewhere near the same area." Gauss said aloud.

"Well that makes me feel better," said Jack Lombard.

By this time heavy clouds have moved in from the ocean and a storm was on the way.

Roberts stepped out onto the porch and looked at the sky, "Damn weather. Officer Gauss, send the GPS coordinates to the Data Pad. Let’s get the gyrocar we don't have much time."

Roberts turned and walked back into the residents.

"Mr. Lombard we are going to his last location. We will be in contact." he said on his way out, going to the garage. "Gauss! Let’s go!"

Officer Gauss and the Marshal made their way to the vehicle bay and took the patrol VTOL into the air, northward toward the Comms Outpost 1 at Ghost Forest Beach.

Sprinkles of rain began to smatter the windshield as the gyrocar made its landing on the beach near the treeline.

Roberts opened the door and stepped out of the gyrocar. He knew the direction to start walking. He raised his shotgun, looking through the sights and he walked, scanning the ground looking for tracks or signs around the area.

Gauss followed behind with his ES-4 Pistol. Together they found many animal tracks in the sand; some birdlike, others of some quadrapedal animals and finally the tracks of a vehicle leading into the woods. Just 30 ft ahead they spotted an off-roading truck.

You could call Roberts paranoid. Some might call him crazy, but with what he had been through who could blame him? He was thinking he could only hope to find the boy alive. Something told him that it did not look good for the him.

As they walked, Roberts broke out in a sweat as a familiar boy stepped out of from the bushes. It was HIM again thought Roberts. He started to shake a little as he stared, things seemed to spin in his head. The boy ran to the truck and stopped. Blood began to run down his face and chest and he mouthed the words, "why?". The word echoed through the Marshal’s mind. Roberts dropped to one knee as he got close to the truck. The boy faded and Roberts shook his head. "Tommy, why?" Roberts said quietly.

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