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Summary: I'm just the backup... for now.

Cameron Baird (Blue)

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Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Sutter's World


Colonial Security | Militia


It’s a modern battlefield—that means remote driven dropships, robot sentry guns, computer controlled bombs, and worse. Blue is the squad’s TechCom—skilled with computer systems, radios, diagnostic and hacking devices.


4 Strength
3 Agility
5 Wits
2 Empathy

4/4 Health


1 Close Combat
4 Comtech
2 Mobility
2 Ranged Combat
1 Stamina





Signature Item

Lost friend's dog tags


You are qualified to set up, control and repair remote sentry guns and other remotely-controlled battlefield devices, and to pilot remote vehicles and Pups.

Receive +2 to COMTECH rolls to carry out these tasks. The correct equipment is needed in all cases. A portable uplink terminal, for example, is needed to remote pilot a dropship, EVAC fighter or APC.


VP-70MA6 Semi-Automatic Pistol
M3 Personnel Armor + M10 Ballistic Helmet
Hand Radio
Woodland Camo
Acrylic Military ID Key (clear electronic access Dog Tags)
Access to Quartermaster and Outfitter

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Image of Cameron Baird (Blue)
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