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Monitors beeped rhythmically as the Marshal's respiration gradually strengthened, a promising sign of his recovery. Once his breathing was steady, Dr. Hikari Roku's took her own deep sigh of relief.

"Thank goodness," she whispered with an optimistic tone

She tapped away at the controls to program the advanced Medpod to conduct a series of diagnostic scans. To her dismay, the X-ray images revealed the ominous presence of an embryo, a sinister intruder, larger than the one she had found growing in Jensen’s face, hidden within the Marshal's chest cavity.

Across the operating room, the trapped facehugger, desperate to escape, lashed out with its spindly limbs, clawing and scraping at the inside of the containment crate, prompting Colonial Officer Baird to kick at it and cautiously remove it from the operating room to prevent a likely breach. He wouldn’t kill it here. Dr Farnham swiftly followed him and shut the door.

Roku meticulously reprogrammed the Medpod for the operation and prepped the system for anesthesia, ensuring the Marshal would be spared the pain of the upcoming surgery. The extraction would be a delicate and precise process, designed to minimize trauma.

Guided by the Medpod's robotic arms, Dr. Roku made a small incision along the Marshal's sternum, taking great care to avoid damaging vital parts and the alien itself. She accessed the embryo's internal hiding place, all the while keeping a vigilant eye on her patient's vital signs.

With careful precision, she successfully removed the alien embryo, its vile threat removed, from the Marshal’s body at least, as Dr Ellis took the small, writhing thing away on a surgical tray. Administrator Weisz snapped a few pictures as the doctor examined its tiny, serpentine form. Together the men contained the live specimen and took it out of the room and over to the lab.

The medpod's instruments closed the incision and Roku stood poised, monitoring the Marshal's condition closely as the anesthesia began to gradually wore off.

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