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Image of Colonial Administrator Weisz

Summary: Corporate says,

Colonial Administrator Weisz

Gender: Male

Age: 48



Colonial Administrator / Officer

Personality / History


Stats / Skills

3 Strength
2 Agility
4 Wits
5 Empathy


1 Close Combat
2 Command
1 Comtech
1 Heavy Machinery
1 Manipulation
1 Piloting
1 Ranged Combat
1 Stamina
1 Survival

Signature Item and Gear

Marshal Glenn Roberts


Assistant of Operations

Colony Dog: Soleil

Pull Rank
You can use your COMMAND skill to order other non-officer PCs and NPCs around, as long as they belong to the same organization as you. To force someone to follow your orders and perform a specific action, roll COMMAND against the target's MANIPULATION. If successful, the target must follow your order, even if it means harm or danger to themselves. Your STRESS LEVEL increases by one each time you do this. Note also that each roll only covers one specific action. You cannot stop actions triggered by Panic Rolls using this talent.

M4A3 Service Pistol
Seegson P-DAT

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Image of Colonial Administrator Weisz
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