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7.3.5 SW
9:38/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Matron’s Coast Airfield

"Is there anything I should know happening around the colony?" Roberts asked.

The Administrator thought for a moment. “We had a run-in with some troublesome indigenous insects. We call the Storm Flies, they can chew through metal and cause outages. Seems they come around every summer. Thankfully that’s almost over. The planet is beautiful but it’s not without its challenges, right Corporal?”

Red just blew out a lungful of smoke and nodded. “S’right.”

The APC returned to the airfield and the security team opened the doors for them.

Roberts got on to his radio and called Roku to let him into the ship. "Mr. Weisz and Sargent, you are with me, the rest of you are on guard duty. Same orders stand. If it is not us, don't let it off."

“Of course, Marshal. Lead the way. I trust it is safe enough if none of your crew have been infected.” said Weisz.

"Only one in cryo. Unless we can keep her that way, she is not moving," said Roberts.

“Yes, let’s keep them in cryo until we can determine what more can be done.” he reasoned. Roberts led them up the Montero elevator. “With the injuries sustained by your crew, the colony will have to deduct some of the agreed payment for unloading the cargo ourselves, you understand.” Weisz said.

"Sure, Mr. Weisz. I understand. As long as the crew that is still alive get some type of compensation for what they went through. I think they should get danger pay." Roberts paused. "I might have overstepped my bounds. I just ask that you don't cheat the crew that deserves better than that… This way to the med lab, Mr. Weisz," Roberts says as he leads them to the bay..

“I understand your concern for the crew but as I am only responsible for the shipment, I can do little more than you can as far as compensation. What I CAN do is provide free medical assistance and depending on your evaluation from Mr. Jensen here and the details of the mission redirect, I may be able to compensate in other ways. Such as waiving the deduction of the unloading cost and providing your crew with accommodations in the Residential building.”

“Glenn… Do you think there is any reason to hide Tsuki?” Roku whispered over the private channel.

"Shit," he says under his breath. "no," he says into the mic. "Yes, we are coming. Just get everything ready." Roberts had no reason to… or should they? It did not matter they would find out sooner or later. "Just put it to one side and out of the way," said Roberts.

Roberts smiled. "Thank you Mr. Weisz I am sure everything will work out. Just letting you know what I would like to see. The crew and the safety of this colony." said Roberts leading them to the med lab. "Roku" almost there." just to warn her.

Hikari Roku met them outside B Deck First Response & Trauma MedBay and she opened the sliding glass door to let them in. Arranged on the examination table, vacuum-sealed in plastic, was the frozen, partial body of the infant Neomorph bloodburster that had erupted from Dr Cooper’s head, and next to that was a tiny fetus with a very similar shape but not at all fully formed. She had also laid out the kit of syringes that Paddy Lohan had recovered from the Cronus MedLab as well as small tissue samples left behind from the Abominations that attacked the crew aboard the Montero.

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