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Summary: Building Better Worlds

Bruce Jensen

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Gender: Male

Age: 33



Corporate Liaison, Weyland-Yutani

Personality / History

Regret and Redemption
Screw corporate special orders. You’ve seen the horror that Weyland Yutani would weaponize and call beauty. This is your crew, your disfunctional family. There is no need for advancement in some corporate ladder if you’re dead. You have these people good at your back. They are survivors, they are real, not some ignorant onlooker in an expensive business suit. If you can redeem yourself, you can start to rebuild a future alongside them... and hopefully avoid any type of alien life.

Stats / Skills

2 Strength
4 Agility
3 Wits
5 Empathy
2 Health


1 Comtech
3 Manipulation
1 Medical Aid
2 Mobility
2 Observation
2 Ranged Combat

Signature Item and Gear




Access Keycard

If the company has taught you anything, it’s to always be on the lookout for anything that can give you an edge. You can push any skill roll based on WITS twice, not just once like other characters. Each push increases your STRESS LEVEL by one.

The Long Haul
You’ve seen it and done it all before. Nothing surprises you anymore. Once per Act in Cinematic play and once per game session in Campaign play, you may ignore all from a single roll.

Chrome briefcase
Rolex Watch
Data transmitter card with corporate clearance level
M4A3 Service Pistol
6 doses Naproleve

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Image of Bruce Jensen
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