JP with Omni, Kudzu, APatientMan and Chismevious

8.3.5 SW
20:10/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Reactor Complex > Generator Station > Energy Output Control Room

Jensen pointed at the fragged console and cleared his throat a little louder than he meant to. "Uhm, Maryam? Unless this reactor is the new WY model with 'analog mode' equipped, I don't think you're going to be able to do much with this console. Can we please get the hell out of here? It feels like a tomb!"

"You're talking to two technicians. I'm confident we can hack it. Literally. But this does have me worried about Karis."

Flynn eyeballed the room with intense skepticism. He looked up and down glancing in every nook and cranny to make sure nothing with more than two legs was in the same room.

“I don’t see nothin’ or hear nothin’, but I’m with Jensen. Let’s get the fuck outta here before something DOES try to come visit us!”

Flynn peers back through the doorway in which they entered and checks both sides of the hallway.

"What do you mean? Who or WHAT would VISIT us here?" asked Maryam.

Flynn popped his head back into the room recalling what Corporal Sargent told him outside. Talking in a low voice, bigger than a whisper but not full voice:

“I almost forgot, when we were done fighting off those fucking flies, when I flagged Corporal Sargent down... He told me some shit about the Marshal getting by attacked by something, currently at Sci-Med.”

Flynn thought he heard something in the hallway, so he poked his head back out to look, but didn’t see anything, then turned back to the group:

“Sorry, I thought I heard sumthin’. Apparently what got the Marshal was some sort of alien organism that is thought to have been brought here by Seegson privateers and that someone in the colony is helping them. Officer Malloy is now gone, I saw some big black thing grab 'em up earlier today in Wombwood..."

Irving stood silent and sheepish at the mention of someone helping the Seegson privateers bring aliens to the planet. His silent panic was rising as he knew it was related to the crates that he took off of their ship... and the thing that must have killed the crew of the Sotillo. Now Karis too was gone and he was sure it was his fault.

"What?" Maryam stood staring in shock as Flynn Sharpey went on.

"Gold squad and two colonists went missing near this area, and some fucking eggs and shit were found in the fuel storage. Sargent did say they could use a hand with the cleanup... So, if we are out of options here, we can always head back that way, or whatever you hard chargers are feeling’, I’m with ya whatever road we take.” Flynn said as poked his back into the hallway.

Although Flynn Sharpey couldn't hear any motion, he couldn't help but feel something was watching him from the darkness of the halls. The tension was building and the instinct of panic was welling within as it would for a child, scared of the dark. Staring into that darkness, he managed to make out the slight glint of something slick along the floor.

"Alien?" asked Maryam in disbelief. She guessed though that anything was possible. All exo-solar fauna was technically considered alien. But he must have been talking about a species not native to Sutter's World and a dangerous one from the sound of it. Was this what caused the problem at the hatchery? Had to be.

Upon hearing about possible alien critters killing and laying eggs, Vera grimaced, thinking back on the things they encountered aboard the Cronus. She readied her flamethrower. "Let's get out of here and team up with those other folks. I'd feel better if there were more of us."

She stepped up behind Flynn and asks in a lowered voice.... "See anything? Is the coast clear?"

Flynn put a finger up by his ear higher than his shoulder upon hearing Vera’s voice. “Look,” He waved his hand at Vera motioning her and pointing at the set substance down the hallway. “Look there. Do you see that? It looks… slimy. Like wet and... I don’t fucking know. You see it?”

Flynn quickly turned his head to look at Vera then back.

Vera squinted in the direction and saw it. With a sigh, she whispered "Cover me," then slipped past Flynn, cautiously approaching the substance. She looked in all directions (including the ceiling) before taking each step.

Taken aback by the mention of an alien attacking the Marshal, Bruce Jensen armed himself with the pulse rifle, "You gotta be shittin' me. Vera? Don't!"

He moved out into the hallway and pointed the rifle on overwatch into the darkness beyond Vera who approached the wet substance along the floor. It was a dark substance but unclear until she shined her high beam in its direction. Then she was certain that it was a large streak of blood. Then Vera heard a slight hiss from above her.

Turning to see the source of the sound, Vera barely made out the long, sleek, eyeless cowl of a dark creature, alien in shape, hanging from the ceiling along the piping. It seemed to be sniffing her curiously, its teeth shining like silver as it drooled a thick, transparent resin. Slowly, as if disinterested in the synthetic woman, the creature pulled itself up into the air duct that it came out of.

“Vera…VERA...” Flynn said in an elevated whisper, his body behind the doorway, his head out, neck bent around the door jamb. He crouched to lower his profile in the event that something or someone was out there looking to cause some serious damage.

“What is it? Vera... How 'bout some feedback?”

Flynn kept an eye on her, but by now she was more of a black blob against a very dimly lit backdrop

"In the air ducts... there's a... a thing! Seems smart... and sneaky." she said, only just loud enough for Sharpey to hear her.

Flynn peered out the door and looks up per Vera’s remark of something being in the ducts. He hands gripping his rifle ready to aim and fire at a moments notice. Then she lit up the air duct with her incinerator, throwing him off a little with her unexpected assault.

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