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Summary: Here I thought I was going to be able to take a load off for a bit...

Flynn Sharpey

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Gender: Male

Age: ?

Group: Sutter's World


Crowning Point Colonial Security / Ex-Colonial Marine



Signature Item: Lost friend's dog tags

Buddy: ?

Rival: ?

- WY600
M56A2 Smart Gun
M3 Personnel Armor


5 Strength
4 Agility
3 Wits
2 Empathy

Health: 5/5 Armor Rating: 4/4


2 Close Combat
1 Heavy Machinery
1 Observation
3 Ranged Combat
3 Stamina





Signature Item

Lost friend's dog tags


Between fights, you release the tension in your team with some friendly banter. Your STRESS LEVEL and the STRESS LEVEL of everyone in SHORT range of you, drops two steps (instead of one) for every Turn spent in the safe place. Having several Marines with this talent doesn't increase the effect.


- WY600
M56A2 Smart Gun
M3 Personnel Armor
Grenade Launcher

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Image of Flynn Sharpey
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