Barbequed Bug

JP with Omni, Kudzu, APatientMan and Chismevious

8.3.5 SW
20:12/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Reactor Complex > Generator Station > Energy Output Control Room

The noise and flare of heat put the alien organism into a foul mood and instead of continuing to retreat into its dark duct, the thing quickly emerged again.

Seeing Vera fire her weapon, Jensen acted immediately, knowing they would have to kill this thing quick. He stepped forward, shooting a burst at the bony looking figure descending from the ceiling. His shots hit, but seemed to bounce right off the alien’s chitinous carapace. No good.

Now the Xenomorph Scout was upon Vera, its outer jaws opened wide, the deadly inner jaws leaned out, gnashing in anticipation before snapping forwards, punching a hole into the synthetic woman’s skull, knocking her to the ground and landing on top of her.

By now, Sharpey, Irving, and Maryam had all moved just outside the door to see what was going on.

“Oh Jesus, what is that thing?!” cried Maryam as she watched from the door.

She retreated inside, searching for anything of use that she could use to defend herself but came up short. There was nothing more dangerous than a chair, a coffee mug, some small tools, and the broken glass of the monitor. Maryam armed herself with a screwdriver.

"Jesus Christ, shit!" Irving exclaimed. In a panicked state his hands trembled as he went to grab hold of his gun. Clawing around the barrel, raising it quickly and taking hold of it with his other hand. He looked over to Jensen and then Maryam. He couldn't face to see any of them die now, they were in too deep.

In the chaos and darkness, none of the others could see the milky white lubricant that spilled out onto the floor. Besides, there was more to worry about as the Xenomorph turned its attention on the other prey. On its four strong legs, its bony, snake like tail draped down from the ducts, then it jetted straight toward Jensen.

Seeing this… creature… coming straight for Jensen, Flynn lobbed a smoke grenade ahead of Jensen in an attempt to make a barrier to conceal them and allow him some time to, at the very least, get ahead of this creature. At the same time he jumped out to grab Jensen and pull him away.

The smoke just barely made a pillar between Jensen and the Xenomorph before it jumped at him, passing through the smoke and flying past. The alien slid across the hallway and turned back to where Sharpey had pulled him away toward the control room. The thing was so quick that it jumped straight for Jensen again just as he reoriented himself to face it.

Before they could take aim, the large, black, skeletal creature with its elongated head was tackling Jensen, causing a panic amongst the team. He held it's terrible head at bay by extending his arms and barring it with his rifle as the teeth of its secondary mouth gnashed and shot out at him over and over. Jensen kicked at the thing and rolled to the side, sending it tumbling off.

Sharpey backed up to take aim when a scraping sound could be from behind the smoke. Sharpey and Jensen could only make out the sight of Vera's flamethrower dragging toward them along the floor. She aimed it carefully with her remaining good eye.

"Silly bug...should always finish what you start." Vera said, just before a gout of flame erupted outward to engulf the alien.

The alien opened its jaws to emit an otherworldly scream as the intense heat narrowly avoided Bruce Jensen. He had a front row seat to watch (and smell) the alien's death by flash frying. Rolling away from the charred, flaming carcass, Jensen recoiled wildly, scooting across the floor backwards to give himself as much distance as he could from himself and the alien entity. God! And he thought the other creatures they had seen were terrifying.

“Son of a bitch!“ he said in a mix of shock and relief, before turning to look for his injured synthetic friend who lay prone, leaking alabaster fluid from her pretty head. He rushed over and knelt next to her, shifting his gaze all around to make sure the coast was clear.

“Jesus, Vera… You almost barbecued me.” he chuckled, trying to keep Vera conscious as well as invoke some levity to counter the gravity of the situation.

Irving hesitantly approached the flaming xenomorph pointing his pistol down at it. “Are you… sh-sh-sure it’s dead?” he stammered nervously.

Sharpey stood speechless for a moment just a few feet from the thing.

Irving's hands quivered, his pistol rattling within his gripped fist. "What the fuck even is this thing? It's like nothing I've ever seen before, it's so... human-like?"

Flynn Sharpey looked down, then back up, and back down again. “Well shit, Vera! You lit this motherfucker up like a gaddamned Christmas tree!” He sniffed the air and gagged a bit. With his gun aimed and ready to shoot, he reached his leg out and kicked the thing to make sure it was dead and wouldn’t jump back to life.

“Looks… fuckin' fried…" he blew out a breath of relieved confusion. "Now who the FUCK knows what the FUCK this FUCKING thing IS?!?! FUCK!”

The thing lay stiff, crispy, smoking, and curled in on itself like some giant dead bug.

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