8.3.5 SW
20:15/21 SW CP Local Time
Crowning Point > Sci-Med Hex

From the light of an empty nurse's station, Saygin wrote of the recent events in his pilot's logbook and then spent a few minutes perusing his previous logs, remembering how he got here. This helped center him. It was his process of reducing stress. With a sigh, he realized he would catch hell if he didn't rendezvous with Sargent and the rest of the team soon.

After the short rest, he was good to fly and as he made his way in the VTOL back toward the Reactor complex, he was surprised he hadn't already received a radio call from the Sargent, nagging him to get his ass back.

Meanwhile... 10 minutes ago...

Out on the road that ran around the west side of the reactor complex to the fuel storage, the FAV was parked along the side of the road and the security team, led by Corporal Sargent, was standing in a ditch outside the tall security fence. As Officer Gonzales used a cutting torch to make a hole in the fence, Sargent and the others kept his eyes out for movement in the forest on the other side of the road. Luckily, they encountered nothing more than the constant torrent of rain that threatened to given them a cold.

Once the point of ingress was achieved, the team pushed back the flap of chain link and ducked in, straight for the drainage pipe that Saygin had spotted the black creature come out from. Sargent had overwatch as the others went through, then Gonzales covered him as he came through.

Splashing their way through a river of ankle deep water, the team pushed forward about 20 meters before the drainage tunnel came to a T. The branch on the left ended in a dead end after about 10 feet but the right tunnel continued further than their lights could reach, with small niches on either side where new pipes could be connected if necessary. Sargent told them to hold for a moment and stay frosty. Their high beams searched the tunnel ahead while Sargent pulled out his radio.

"Gold squad, do you copy? Gold squad..." he tried over the sec team comms. Still there was nothing. "Saygin, what's your status?" he gave the man a moment to reply, but there was nothing. "God damnit." he cursed. "Ok. I'm going to leave Saygin a sign where we've gone and we will move in. Not too far, we don't know exactly what it is we're walking into here but I expect more of the same stuff we saw in that storage building. Keep that flamer at the ready."

Sargent dropped a glow stick in the water at his feet and made his way back to the entrance of the pipe where he lit a signal flare for Saygin.


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